We offer a first no obligation, legal advice and initial consultation for our new clients.

We work remotely and have offices in the UK and expanding internationally

About Us

Aneeve Consultancy is an international firm operating from the UK and abroad. We are a full-service consulting  firm providing consultations, advice and legal services for individuals and businesses. We take pride in providing bespoke services, advice and support for your every need whilst protecting your best interests. We are committed to providing the highest quality of value and support to our clients, as efficiently and effectively as possible; consecutively and without fail.

Law firm team

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide a professional, ethical and cost-effective representation for all our clients within the boundaries of our legal system.

Our Mission

We build close working relationships with all our clients, and in your time of need we are the experts to have in your corner.

Core Values

When a case is concluded, we want our clients to know that we CARED. Commitment, care, time and value given for achieving the best outcome for each and every case. Adequate outcomes for all clients. Respect towards all our clients irrespective of background and financial standing. Excellence achieved by the 3 E's: Ethically, efficiently and effectively. Drive and will to get the best possible outcome for our clients contentment.